Consignor FAQs

​Q. Who can consign?
A. Anyone can consign with us. We require that you have a minimum of 20 items or $100 worth of items.
Q. What types of items do you accept?
A. We accept women's clothing, shoes, purses, and other accessories.  We also accept books, DVDs, framed pictures, small furniture as so much more.  For a more comprehensive list of what we will accept click here.
 Q. How can I ensure that I am not consigning recalled items

A. Go to to make sure none of the items you want to sell has been recalled.
Q. What percentage of the sales do I receive?
A. Consignors receive 60% of their sales less a $10 consignor fee. Consignors that help at the sale for a minimum of four hours earn 70% (or more).
 Q. Who does the pricing?
A. You set your own price and get to decide if it is discounted on our half price days. We recommend pricing items at 1/3 of the retail price.
Q. What happens if I do not show up for consignor pick-up but have not marked my items to donate?
A. Your items will be donated to our charity partners and you will be charged a $10 fee for every 100 items left at the sale due to the time it takes our team members to sort the items.
 Q. How long does drop off usually take and how does the drop off process work?
A. It typically takes about an hour, depending on how many items you bring. The best time of the day to come is around the time parents are picking up their kids from school. When you arrive, we will check you in, your items will be inspected, & then you will place them on the sales floor.
Q. When do I pick up my unsold items?
A. Unsold items are to be picked up on the last day of our sale. Please see our calendar for specific date/time information. 

Q. What if I can’t make the pick-up time?
A. You are welcome to have a friend pick up your items for you. You will need to let us know at drop off if someone else will be picking up your items.
Q. Do I have to sort through the racks to find my unsold clothing items?
A. No, unsold clothing will be sorted by consignor number for easy pickup. Non-clothing items will be sorted if time allows.
Q. How long does it take to receive my check?
A. Your check will be mailed to you within fourteen days of the end of the sale (if not sooner!).
Q. Will I know what items have sold?
A. Our online tagging system will give you a close idea of what has sold and for how much. 
Q. If I consign my items, do I have to stay during the sale?
A. No, consignors drop off their items to the sale during the designated drop off times. Once your items are inspected you place them on the sales floor. 
Q. Will I get may hangers back?
A. Hangers will not be returned as they are sold with the items. Any unsold/non-donated items will be returned to you on the hangers.
 Q. What about shoes?
A. We will accept new and like new shoes. We are VERY PICKY with shoes so please only bring your best ones.
 Q. Do you allow children at consignor drop-off?
A. Yes, however drop off can become extremely busy and we therefore recommend not bringing them.
 Q. Do consignors get to shop before the public? If so, can they bring a friend?
A. Yes, there is a presale for consignors (and a friend) before our sale opens to the public. Presale passes are to be picked up when you drop off your items. Children 12 or older will be considered a consignor's guest.

​​​​Drop Off / Pick Up

Drop Off - ​Friday, May 5: 1pm-7pm (no appt. needed)

Pick Up - Sunday, May 7: 6pm-7pm

Items not picked up will be donated to our charity partners at 6:31. 

Consign with Us!

Consigning at our next event might be for you if you......

  • change your mind about things you have purchased?
  • get things for gifts that you will never wear?
  • have items that no longer fit you?
  • like to rotate your closet on a regular basis?                   

                     Consigning Highlights

  • Consignors make 60% of their sales 70% (or more!) if helping at the event for a minimum of four hours, minus a $10 consignor fee.
  • Consignors set the price and decide if items are discounted during our half price day.
  • Consignor receive a presale pass to shop before the public.
  • Consignors must have a minimum of 20 items or $100 worth of items. There is no maximum number of items that can be consigned.
  • Consignors create and print tags using our free on-line bar-coding system.  The system also allows you to track your sales during the event.
  • We accept women's clothing and shoes as well as purses, jewelry, books, DVDs, and so much more!  

                        Valet Tagging

If you want to consign, but just don’t have the time, Valet tagging might be for you!  Here is how it works:

Valet consignors receive 45% of their items sales (50% if helping for a minimum of four or hours at the event) and are charged a $20 consignor fee.

A Valet tagger will reach out to you to set up a time for you to drop off your items.  Prior to drop off you must hang clothing items (a 25 cent per hanger fee deducted from your final check for clothing items that are not hung) and complete a valet tagging agreement.

 Your VIP tagger will:

  • Send you an email once your items have been entered into the tagging website (you will have 24 hours to approve the tags).
  • Take your items to the event and place them on the sales floor

A check will be mailed within 14 days of the end of the event. Valet Tagging slots are limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  Valet Consignors must consign a minimum of 25 items

​To request a Valet tagging slot email

Consignor Forms & Info

​​​​​Helping  the Sale

The online scheduler opens on Wed., 3/15 at 9am! 

Consignors that help out at the event get to shop early and earn an extra 10% of their items sales.   

Team Member Presales
Friday, May 5

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Team Leads*

Saturday, May 6

8:00 am - Eight Hour Team Members

8:30 am - Four Hour Team Members

Team members get a friend pass for the 9am consignor presale on May 6 & a family pass for the 50% off presale on May 7 at 8am.

Team Leads (TL)

16-hour TLs earn 75% of their sales and  24-hour earn 80%.  Their $10 consignor fee is waived  To learn more email

Your Best Friend's Closet

Team Member Tips

  • ​We accept Team Members exclusively from our consignor base. This allows our consignors the opportunity to make an additional 10% on their sales.
  • Team Members mainly help with inspecting clothing, bagging, and sorting/ organizing items
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sign in and get your name tag when you arrive for your shift
  • If you have physical limitations, you may want to avoid the set-up and breakdown shifts as they tend to be the most physically demanding.
  • Bring food and/or drinks to your shift – especially for longer shifts.
  • We do not allow you to bring your child to your shift.
  • The Team Member presale is only for those helping at the event. Family & friends must earn their own pass.
  • You may divide your hours into more than one shift if you are working more than four hours.