Your Best Friend's Closet

How to Shop Early!

Presales: Sat., May 6

  • Consignors who Join our Team shop first!  The more you help, the earlier you shop! In addition, all Team Members receive an additional 10% profit on their items sales as well as a friend pass for the consignor presale.  Team Members also shop first at our 50% off presale. 

  • Consignors receive a presale pass for themselves and one for a friend to shop at 9:00 am.  In addition, Consignors and their families are also invited to shop the 50% off presale.

  • Prime Time shopping is at 10:00 am.  This is a paid presale for people who want to shop early but might not qualify for one of our presales. Tickets are $10 - click HERE to purchase

Our event is at the Brandywine Youth Club which is located in the Concord Township Municipal complex, directly off of Route 1.

Public Shopping Dates & Times

Sat., May 6: 11am-7pm*
Sun., May 7: 9am-1pm  (50% Off Day)

$3 admission on the first shopping day - Get FREE pass HERE.

       Shopping Tips & Information

  • Wear comfortable shoes so you can get to the best deals fast.
  • We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
  • We have a hold area for your convenience as well as large shopping bags
  • Bring a friend.  Shopping is always more fun with a friend!
  • We run contests just for our Facebook friends, so click here to “Like us”. (Doesn't a pass to the front of the line sound awesome?!)
  • We have a one private dressing room, and one large GROUP dressing room. Tank tops and/or leggings are recommended for trying on items in this dressing room.
  • Children are welcome however it gets very busy. If possible, we recommend getting a babysitter so you can enjoy your shopping experience.
  • Small purses only. Large handbags and backpacks will NOT be allowed into sale.
  • The majority of our consignors choose to reduce their unsold items by 50% on the last day of our sale.
  • Children are not allowed during our PRESALE day. Nursing babies in a front carrier are welcome. Children are allowed on all others days but must stay with their parent at all times. 
  • Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, should you need accommodation in order to fully participate in our event, please contact us at